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Welcome to Sunnybank Bridge Club.

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Sunnybank Bridge Club welcomes members, visitors and new players to join us at our friendly and spacious air-conditioned clubhouse. Table fees - members $5, visitors $7.

The club has eight sessions per week. Monday morning is a supervised play session and you may come with out a partner.
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If you need a partner, please contact the Club at 3344 5577, Tomasina on 3272 0460 (for daytime partners) or Jan on 0434 127 741 (for evening partners). Alternatively, find a partner using Pianola Partnership Finder. Click here for Pianola

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The club runs two sets of lessons each year for people interested in learning to play Bridge. They are usually run over eight weeks followed by an extra supervised play session. Please click on lessons above for more details of upcoming lessons. The club runs a supervised play session on Monday mornings for those that want a bit more guidance.

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