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Welcome to Sunnybank.

The Sunnybank Bridge Club, located at 69 Nathan Rd, Runcorn, is an air-conditioned building, with disability access. New players and visitors are welcome at our friendly club, which has two walk-in sessions, Thursday morning and Sunday afternoon. Click Sessions button (above) for further information. If a partner is needed, please contact the Club at 3344-5577, Tomasina De Luca on 3272-0460 (for Daytime partners) or Jan Parker on 3806-6547 (for Evening partners). The club holds one day workshops and six week beginner lessons, for people interested in learning Bridge, followed by Supervised Playing Sessions. The lessons are conducted in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. For more information contact Janet Loosmore - Ph. 3341-2951. Click Lessons button (above) for further information.

Important Information Regarding Dummies Rights and Obligations - Please Read
A Short History on the Club's Origin

This is the next big event on the Sunnybank Bridge Club Calendar and all Club Members are encouraged to enter. Categories: Overall Champions, Under 400MP, Under 100MP, Under 10MP. To qualify for a Category, a pair's average MP will be less than the indicated ceiling. Irrespective of their average, any pair can still win the overall championship. The event will start at 9:30 AM, there will be a lunch break and entrants are reminded to bring their own lunch. If any club member experiences difficulty entering this event via the online process, please don't hesitate to ask any committee member or director to assist.

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Please, when entering online, it would be appreciated, as a minimum, use full names (christian and surname), ABF numbers, an email contact or phone number and your preferred payment method.

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